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Hotel Guide and Tourist Entertainment

Touristic animation

International animation

It is the type of entertainment that is implemented in accommodation facilities where guests from different countries are found and who therefore need entertainers who can speak several languages ​​in sports, miniclub and entertainment activities. In the evening and show activities, dancing, singing and mute or musical comedy prevail.

Contact animation

Contact animation is the foundation of every tourist animation activity and consists in entering into a friendly relationship with the guests present in the structure in order to facilitate mutual socialization, knowledge of the structure, activities, opportunities and services offered . The main tools of this activity are the welcome on arrival, the greeting, dialogue and conversation during the day, meals taken in company.


It consists in the conception, organization and realization of a series of daytime and evening appointments aimed at entertaining guests. The organization of games, the proposition of shows, sporting events such as lessons of various types of dance and gymnastics, tournaments of sporting or sedentary games, evening shows are part of this activity. All these activities represent the backbone of the animation activity.


The tourist animation service is provided through special staff or teams of tourist entertainers appropriately selected, trained and organized in a hierarchical form: at the top of each group there is a single manager called head of animation, or head of team, or village head. to which the sector managers refer.

Entertainment technicians

It includes professional figures mainly aimed at creating, organizing and carrying out evening shows. Among these the set designer, the choreographer, the sound engineer, the artistic director, the lighting technician, the disc jockey, the costume designer, the musicians and, in the larger staff, comedians and dancers.

Sports entertainers

All sports instructors of the various disciplines available within the tourist facility participate in this sector: the most common sports are tennis, sailing, wind-surfing, archery, canoeing, horseback riding, various martial arts, water skiing. This group of entertainers also includes the organizers of soccer, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, water polo and table tennis sports tournaments.

Contact entertainers

These are animators specifically dedicated to the conception and management of playful events during the day, spectacular performances, themed parties and the involvement of guests in the various activities proposed by the program. A good contact animator must be able to give information both on the tourist facility and on the surrounding area, becoming skilled in managing conversations with guests, in which more personal topics can also be dealt with in order to create a relationship of greater confidence. The contact entertainer is the true soul of the village, the one who becomes an icon and a point of reference for all guests, from the largest to the smallest.

Animators for boys and children

They are the entertainers who take care of guests under the age of 18 and for whom the village managers arrange various care and entertainment services that take different commercial names such as nursery (0 - 2 years), babyclub (2 - 4 years) , miniclub (4 - 12 years), teenclub (13 - 16 years) and junior club (17 - 23 years). For each category, ad hoc activities are proposed based on the age of the children and teenagers staying at the structure, diversifying the offer in order to guarantee entertainment (both daily and evening) for any age group.


During the day, he deals with activities such as: aerobics, stretching, yoga, water aerobics, Latin American dances, zumba, acquazumba, hydrobike.


In this context, animators often referred to as PR, hostess or steward and who mainly deal with the tasks of information, assistance and access to the opportunities offered inside or outside the village. These entertainers, together with the contact animators, are those who have the opportunity to speak with the greatest number of people: unlike the contactors who involve guests exploring the entire village, the hostesses and stewards mainly carry out their work at the inside a special info point, in order to create an information point that is easily recognizable by every guest of the structure. Furthermore, hostesses and stewards carry out the welcome service to the guest together with the contact animators.

Attendants to bathers

Only those who take care of safety at sea or in the pool during day work. Although they do not carry out daytime entertainment activities, they are present for evening entertainment (shows and dances) and, according to needs, for other activities that vary according to requests.


Relatively recent figure of tourist entertainer, they entertain guests in the pre-evening with songs and live music. They also participate in well-structured evening shows, such as musicals and variety shows.

Guida albergiera e animazione turistica in Italia e nel mondo.
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