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Daytime and sports entertainment activities ideas at a tourist village

In the daytime animation in a tourist village, a strong contact with the guests of the tourist village (greeting, smile, education, sympathy) is essential to win them over in the participation of daytime and evening activities without ever being intrusive. An animation program (on the bulletin board) organized by the animation agency is followed by all the staff of animators led by an animation manager with punctuality respecting the opening hours, closing, activity hours, presentation of activities with direct contact both via radio microphone.

Collaboration between the animators is another very important point.

Daytime entertainment ideas at a tourist village, hotel, resort, camping:

  • Fitness entertainment: gymnastics, aqua aerobics, aerobics, gags, yoga, pilates, zumba, aqua-zumba

  • Sports and tournaments: beach volleyball, boccia, table tennis, football, tennis, table football, cards, basketball, darts, t + bow

  • Radio: managed by the audio technician, DJ, daytime manager where the music starts, program presentation, news

  • Dances: group dances, Latin dance courses, theme song, ballroom dance, Latin dances

  • Reception: arrivals and departures of the guests of the village, restaurant entrance

  • Aperitif game: before the morning closing (noon) fun, simple and addicting game

  • Party time: party time with music, themed disco, foam party, inflatables, color, flying balloons, olympics, carnival

  • Water sports: sailing, catamaran, canoe, kiteserf, scuba diving

  • Outdoor activity: walking, hiking, horseback riding, bicycles, running, rafting, tasting and specialties

  • Activities for the winter season in the mountains: rafting, skiing, skating, sledding

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